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Shanghai Carfluor Chemicales Co.,Ltd

Company Profile
CarFluor Chemicals is specialized in manufacture & trade of hi-tech fluorides of the world. We are focused on production and research of valuable poly(carbon monofluoride), fluorosurfactants and perfluoro-alkylogens. CarFlour is famous for its high quality, excellent sale service and strong R&D Capability. CarFlour Fluoride is currently the only domestic producer of CFx and is one of only several manufacturers worldwide.

We have young, experienced technician team lead by doctors and masters with...
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Contact Us
Company: Shanghai Carfluor Chemicales Co.,Ltd
Contact: Ms. Catherine liang
Address: Room8-101,No.133,Songyuan ROad
Postcode: 200336
Tel: 86 21 54778665
Fax: 86 21 54778665


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Tel : 86 21 54778665 Fax : 86 21 54778665
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